Normally I would not consider myself to be a perfectionist. Most of the time I consider close enough to be good enough for my life. I let enough things stress me out in my life, and I count myself lucky that I don’t need everything to be just so before I can move on to the next task.

That said, I’ve hit a bit of a road block in terms of my writing. I consider myself to be a veteran of the NaNoWriMo scene. I’m very good at creating very speedy, very, very rough drafts in November. If I somehow fire up my motivation I can do it other times in the year as well. I even have experience with rewriting and revision. All of this should bode well for me creating at least passably decent writing to post on this blog.

So far it has not translated into actually producing any content I am comfortable with sharing here.

If I am not mistaken, I believe I have found my perfectionist hang up. I want to post the best work possible here for any potential readers here, and I think that is causing me to over analyze and nitpick my work.

Rest assured, I am working on getting over my own insecurities. Hopefully I will be ready to post some fiction content soon.

Until then take this post to mean that I have not abandoned this blog, and I still intend to post my writing here.