My Patreon is Now Live

We’re building up to the point where my writing will be available directly on this blog!

My as-of-this-moment still unpolished Patreon is now live so you can support me from the very first chapter if you so wish. You can check it out here.

Patreon is similar to a Kickstarter campaign except it does not end after a fixed amount of time. Instead of pledging one lump sum you can pledge a small amount to me for each chapter or short story I post. The great thing is you can sign up as my patron today and you won’t be charged until I post a short story or chapter. You can even put a cap the number of donations you give me in a month so your bank account won’t get drained if I have a sudden burst of creative output.

I will still be posting my writing here for free even if you don’t pay a thing. Becoming a patron is just going the extra mile to help me out. There are also some fun little perks if you decide to donate.

Check out my Patreon today and donate to become an even more awesome person. Stay tuned for more news and updates coming soon!