Switching Writing Progress to a Weekly Format

I’ve been trying for several weeks now to do daily writing updates in this blog. Sometimes I’ve been better at this than others, but I think it is time for me to change it up a bit.

Life can be crazy. Sometimes I can’t manage to post to this blog until too much time has passed and a writing update for that particular day seems irrelevant. Other times I just did not have the energy or willpower to write at all that day, and then, of course, there is nothing to update.

For these reasons I’ve decided to switch my writing progress posts to a weekly format. Each day will still have its own stats displayed, but I will post them all together once a week. Since I’m pretty positive I will write at some point every week I will be more consistent with weekly updates.

I’m also planning to start writing some blog entries about my thoughts on various aspects of the writing process. Let me know what you think, and suggest some topics you’d like to see written about here that haven’t been done to death yet!

2 thoughts on “Switching Writing Progress to a Weekly Format

  1. First of all, I like the idea of posting your writing progress on your blog. It gives you a sense of accountability and a tangible record of your progress. I’d never thought of doing that, but when I kept a daily or weekly account of my family’s homeschooling activities on a blog, I found it helped me stay focused.

    Secondly, I think switching to a weekly format makes sense. After all some days are better than others, and there are always going to be those less productive days. 🙂 It may be helpful to see that, week by week, your progress is consistent.

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    • I’m hoping it will help me see over all that my good days outweigh my bad. Lately I feel like I’ve had a lot of bad days, but I think my average might still be okay.

      I have to keep telling myself writing is like everything else in life. It will have its peaks and valleys.


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