Liebster Award!

A huge thank you to Brigid at Brigid Writes Things for nominating me for a Liebster Award! The Liebster is an award for bloggers awarded by other bloggers to promote blogs with less than 1,000 followers.


The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions your nominator gave you.
  3. Tag 11 bloggers with less than 1,000 readers.
  4. Think of 11 questions for the bloggers you have nominated.
  5. Let them know you have nominated them through social media or their blog.


Brigid’s Questions:

1. Put your music on shuffle. What are the first five songs that come up?

  • Emerald Sword by Rhapsody
  • Auger of Thrall by Amber Asylum
  • Seduces Me by Celine Dion
  • Desdemonamelia by Bloodbound
  • Carried by the Wind by Ayreon

2. What’s the last thing that made you laugh really hard?

My cousin tried to throw a balloon off my aunt’s deck and the wind blew it right back up and it hit him in the face.

3. What’s something you did in 2015 that you’re proud of?

I finally got past my fear and started posting my writing online. I’ve been writing for years and for most of that time I’ve been too afraid of negative feedback to even consider sharing with the public. Now that I’ve done it I know I was afraid of nothing.

4.What’s one thing you hope to accomplish in 2016?

The biggest goal I have for 2016 is finishing The Dreams. It will take a lot of hard work, but I think I can do it.

5. Do you enjoy going to concerts? If so, what was the last one you went to?

Concerts are a lot of fun! I only go once or twice a year. The last concert I went to was Kamelot, but it was cancelled last minute due to the Baltimore riots. Unfortunately, we were already in Baltimore and waiting in line when the cancellation happened. Bummer.

The last concert I went to before that was Within Temptation. They’re amazing!

6. What is one of your favorite quotes?

“We tend to think things are new because we just discovered them.” Madeleine L’Engle, A Wind in the Door

7. What is the weirdest food you like?

Home-made sauer kraut! This year my extended family got together and turned over 200 pounds of cabbage into sauer kraut. It was insane, and so much fun.

8. What book has made you cry the hardest?

Dear America: Voyage on the Great Titanic

I read this book years ago as a kid and it still makes me tear up.

9. What was the best day of your life?

The best day of my life was probably the day my boyfriend moved here from across the country. Long distance relationships are hard.

10. What fictional world would you love to live in (or at least spend some time in)?

Middle Earth. I would love to have a chance to visit Rivendell and maybe The Shire, but the rest of that world seems a little too dangerous for my tastes.

11. If you could meet any author (living or dead), who would it be?

Tolkien! I would love to have the opportunity to ask him about his world building process.


My Nominees:

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R. R. Willica

Amanda at amanda.actually

Princess of Dragons

L. M. Murphy at See Murphy Write

Paige at Turtle Writer

WDLady at The Nightmare Never Ends

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My Questions:

  1. What music gets you in the mood for writing?
  2. In your opinion what is the best thing you’ve written so far?
  3. Have you accomplished your goals for 2015?
  4. What is one thing you want to see happen in 2016?
  5. What is your favorite book you read this year?
  6. Coffee or tea?
  7. Have you visited anywhere exciting in the past year? Where?
  8. What is your favorite thing about blogging/writing?
  9. What would you do if you won a million dollars?
  10. What book would you like to see made into a movie?
  11. What is your current favorite tv show?


This has been a lot of fun! Thanks again to Brigid for nominating me. I hope my nominees have a much fun as I did with this.

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