I’m not really sure what to call what’s going on with this blog right now. There’s some pretty serious stuff happening with my family right now. At this point I’m not ready to go into detail about it, but it’s making it difficult to stick to a schedule.

I’ll still be around, just maybe not every day, and I might not post on my usual days. I already missed posting a chapter yesterday. Until things get back to normal I’m not worrying about keeping to a routine.

Chapter Sixteen will probably get posted sometime in the next few days. I’ll try to keep up with my writing progress posts as well, but there will probably be more days I don’t write anything at all.

Hopefully everything will get back to normal soon.

7 thoughts on “Semi-hiatus

  1. Sorry to hear you won’t be around as much. I hope everything works out for you, hon. Take good care of yourself and good luck.


  2. I’m sure most can understand when “life gets in the way.” It happens, to some more times than to others.

    Just take care of yourself, and all that requires your attention. Bear in mind, though, that episodes like this sometimes re-arrange priorities from what you’re used to.
    For me, anyway.

    I wish you the best, as well, and hope for a speedy transition through your turmoils. 🙂

    — John


  3. We understand and hope that everything turns out for the better! We love you and are here for you, if you need anything just let us know. -hugs-


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