Books I Read in March

March was an okay month reading-wise. I’m still four books behind for my Goodreads challenge, but there’s still plenty of time to catch up!

Books I finished reading in March:






Book I’m currently reading:













I have no idea how many books I will end up reading in April. With CampNaNoWriMo all of my time might end up going to writing. On the other hand sometimes having a deadline and knowing other people can see me fail motivates me to work more efficiently. If that ends up being the case this month I might have more time than usual for reading.

How do you keep up with your reading during NaNoWriMo events? Do you read more or less during busy periods?

2 thoughts on “Books I Read in March

  1. I really need to read more Terry Pratchett books. We have most of them in my library but there are so many of them!
    I usually read on my commute to work or on the way back home since I take the bus, and I always read on my lunch break! I don’t get through too many books – certainly not several a week! – but it works well for me 🙂 No idea how NaNo will affect it, though. I might end up plotting on my breaks rather than reading 😛


    • There are a lot of Discworld books! It’s overwhelming even just deciding what order to read them. I ended up reading in order of publication because I felt it was the easiest to remember.

      Good luck with your writing!


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