CampNaNoWriMo Week 1 Recap


I’m writing this part way through the seventh day of CampNaNoWriMo. I can see the end of the first week from here, so I can do a recap of the week, right? This hasn’t been the best or the worst start to a NaNoWriMo event I’ve experienced. I’m behind, but I’m pretty much always behind, except for the very first day of the month. I have hope that I will catch up.

My cabin has been great. It’s just me and a couple of friends so our genres and word count goals are all over the place. The message board is active though, and so encouraging!

This month is all about finishing the first draft of The Dreams. I have no idea if I can pull it off. If I can reach “the end” without hitting 50k, I’ll be happier than if I reach 50k but haven’t finished the draft. I know where the story is going, but I don’t have a definite scene-by-scene plan through to the end. That makes me a little nervous.

If CampNaNoWriMo goes like NaNoWriMo did last year I’ll spend a day making a detailed outline of every plot point leading up to the end of the novel. As long as I can convince myself it is procrastination I’m sure it will happen one of these days.

I’m still trying to post chapters this month too. I didn’t bother back in November so this is new territory for me. We will see if I’ve piled too much on myself.

One big thing I realized (possibly thanks to a writing trance) is that I need to stop picking the second draft to pieces. I’m going to revise/rewrite each of these chapters at least one more time. Agonizing over each sentence at this point just isn’t worth it. Hopefully this revelation will get me back on track and you’ll see a chapter posted every Saturday again. I’m equally hopeful that my less picked apart second draft won’t be absolutely awful, but please be sure to let me know if it is bad!

How is CampNaNoWriMo going for you? Are you ahead on your word count? Behind? Have you had any great writing realizations so far this month?