CampNaNoWriMo Week 1 Recap


Wow! It’s hard to believe the first week of CampNaNoWriMo is over. It feels like we started just yesterday.

I went to a write-in on Saturday at Panera and it was great! I need to go to more write-ins outside of November. There’s another one scheduled for this Saturday. We’ll see if I can go to that one too.

My goal for the month is still set at 50,000 words. My current word count is 5007 words. I’m a little bit behind. It’s nothing I can’t recover from, but I’ve also never won CampNaNoWriMo so I’m not too hopeful.

The words I have written so far have been pretty good, in my opinion. I’m enjoying where the story is taking me, but there are a ton of scenes I still need to plot out in detail if I want to tackle them this month. I should’ve finished my scene outlines last month before Camp started, but procrastination is a hard habit to kick.

How is CampNaNoWriMo going for you? Are you ahead or behind on your word count? Have you attended any write-ins or written in any fun places this month?

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    • NaNoWriMo is a month long writing challenge that happens every November. The goal is to write 50,000 words of a new novel during the month. The community is great and really supportive.

      CampNaNoWriMo happens in April and July. You can pick the type of project you want to do and set your own word count goal so it can be a bit less demanding than NaNoWriMo if you want to take it easy. They offer virtual cabins which are little groups of people with a private message board. You can either let them assign you to a cabin or make a private one and invite the people you want to hang out with.

      They’re all great fun. The online community is really supportive, and a lot of regions have offline meetups at coffee shops or books stores and people write together for a few hours.

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  1. Just like you, I’m behind at 5k, although my goal is only 30k. I’m never worried this early in the month, but I hope to have more of a plan in the next few days… I’ve been getting lots of plotting done, and my hope is that the plotting will translate into words eventually.

    Happy writing to you, let’s try and catch up in week two!


    • I’m probably going to attend a local write-in tomorrow morning and I’m hoping that will motivate me to write beyond my daily minimum word count.

      Here’s hoping for a productive week 2!


      • Hope the write-in goes well! I always end up writing a lot at those, but sadly I won’t be able to attend any this month.

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  2. You’re doing a great job. I struggled last November with working and studying as well so I have set myself a 10000 word target which I am finding perfect. It’s like doing a 15 minute warm up before I start studying!


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