CampNaNoWriMo Week 4 Recap


All that’s left of the month now are the spare days at the end.

It’s hard to believe 28 days have already passed. It feels like the month has only just started! I don’t think I’m ready for the month to end.

It’s looking less and less likely that I will win Camp this time. No big deal. My total word count for the month is already double what I wrote in June. I can’t complain when I’m making this sort of progress.

The last few days have been pretty good writing days. Before that I had a couple days where I really struggled. The heat wave took away most of my will to be productive.

I think that’s why November is so much better for writing huge word counts. When the days are getting colder and shorter I’m more likely to be happy sitting at my desk. Long, hot days make my brain melt and all I can think about is keeping cool.

What do you think? Is it the weather that makes Camp so difficult? Is Camp actually easier for you than NaNoWriMo? Are there any winners out there or anyone close to winning?

I’ll cheer you on if you’re getting close. Even if you aren’t close I’ll still cheer for you. The important part is writing.

4 thoughts on “CampNaNoWriMo Week 4 Recap

  1. I have a lot of trouble getting big wordcounts in the summer. It’s so hot, and we don’t use air. All that I want to do is bury myself in the freezer. ❤ But I love your attitude with this, because you're right. It's not about winning, it's about getting more words than you started with ❤


  2. It’s great that you already wrote more than in June! I’d call that a success, no matter what your WC is.

    Camp NaNo is better for me because it’s during summer holidays, I usually shoot for less than 50k and our house is fairly cool as long as you keep the blinds down. My problem is that I want to do so many different things (most of them outside) when the sun is out! So I’m actually busier with less routine and no write-ins. But I’ve won a WriMo every July for some years now and at this point I’m too stubborn to break that streak, so I’ll just have to churn out those last 3k by tomorrow night! They’ll be crap, but that’s not the point!


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