Habitica: Or How I Keep Myself Accountable


I really love Habitica. It’s part to-do list (with emphasis on forming good habits) and part RPG. If you’re looking for a cute, fun way to keep track of everything you need to do on a regular basis you should check it out.

I’ve been using the site since 2014. There are some RPG features that require you to pay, but you can also get the gem currency by winning guild challenges. Even as a free user there are still plenty of fun RPG collecting activities and quests available.

One of my favorite parts is collecting all the costume pieces as well as finding eggs to hatch into pets and mounts. I love being able to decorate my avatar, and getting some neat buffs from the armor pieces is nice too.

Another way I use the site it to “charge” myself for things I like that aren’t necessarily good for me. By completing tasks I earn gold and I set up custom fees for things like soda. If I haven’t completed enough tasks to build up my gold stores I’m not allowed to have a soda that day. I love using the site to determine if I’ve done enough good work lately to earn a treat rather than trying to judge how good I’ve been based on my flawed and biased memory.

This site has done more to help me track my productivity than anything ever before. Do you use any sites or programs to help keep you accountable? Have you ever used Habitica?

4 thoughts on “Habitica: Or How I Keep Myself Accountable

  1. That sounds like a fun and interesting program! Never heard of it before. I tend to prefer smartphone apps that I can access easily. My fav is HabitBull which helps you create habits. If you want to do sth regularly, you can tell the app how much of it you want to do how often, then you get nice statistics and timelines.

    Another app that I discovered recently is Writeometer which is all about writing consistently. Once you’ve created a project, you can specify how many words you want to write on how many days of the week. It also offers a writing timer and even a writing log. Also, if you reach your daily goal, you get guavas. 😀 I really like how cute and pretty it is!


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