On the Two Types of Inspiration — By Elan Samuel

This is a great post explaining types of inspiration and how to use inspiration as a writer. Inspiration combined with discipline can accomplish amazing things.

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Today, Elan Samuel returns to EFW to discuss inspiration. After convincing himself that he was donewaiting for inspiration to strike, he decided that he could seek it for himself. Read more below. For more by Elan, click here.

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Over and again I hear (or read) established authors being asked about where they find their inspiration or how they “do it,” where it is simply “write books.” It’s a question I can certainly relate to, after a fashion. Truth be told, I’ve asked it many times. The reality of the creative process is not so glamorous, and folks like me (the less experienced and those of us on the beginning of our authorial journey) want to know the secret sauce. How is it that people like Brandon Sanderson and Stephen King can write so much? How did author x or y even come up with their incredible ideas? How can…

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