Writing Progress November 14 – 20, 2016


November 14

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 10,491
  • Today’s word count: 321

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 205,083 (I figured out why it wasn’t counting new words!)
  • Today’s word count: 1,376

  • Thoughts: I’m pretty happy with my writing progress today. I managed to figure out the ending of The Dreams scene by scene so I know exactly how much more I need to write! My only real regret was that I needed to sleep a couple hours earlier than I expected and that cut into my nighttime writing.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: More of the same, but less needing to sleep early.

November 15

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 11,389
  • Today’s word count: 898
  • Thoughts: So much for pulling ahead in week 3. I’m not sure what happened today. I do know that I’m not the greatest at making up bs fantasy political stuff so maybe that was the problem.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: More of the writing thing. Just keep typing.

November 16

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 13,407
  • Today’s word count: 2,018
  • Thoughts: I wrote. I wrote and wrote! I may have stayed up later that I would have liked getting to word in, but I did it. If it keeps working I’d do it again.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: More writing! I want to keep this up and maybe even build on it.

November 17

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 15,227
  • Today’s word count: 1,820
  • Thoughts: Another decent writing day! I’m pretty happy with this trend. Week 3 seems to be treating me well.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: More writing. All the writing. And maybe some anime if I finish writing early (yes this is me bribing myself not to procrastinate).

November 18

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 17,085
  • Today’s word count: 1,858
  • Thoughts: Yay! I’m over par for NaNoWriMo again today. Every word over 1,667 closes the gap between my word count and my ideal target for the month.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: More of the writing things. Just keep writing!

November 19

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 205,143
  • Today’s word count: 60

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 17,296
  • Today’s word count: 211

  • Thoughts: Today was not a great writing day. Pretty much any day I spend too much time outside doing stuff drains my energy and I need to recharge before I can write coherently. I’m still learning about why I struggle to write some days. I’m pretty sure going outside and doing stuff gives me too much to process and after that I don’t have a lot of creative energy to put into my writing.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Get back to writing lots of words. I might not be able to get back on track, but I can get back to slowly moving closer to par.

November 20

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 205,160
  • Today’s word count: 17
  • Thoughts: Today’s word count is pitiful, but I have an excuse! After I did a bunch of errands early in the day I came home and discovered my lovely, wonderful desktop computer was throwing a fit. I could’ve ignored it and written on my laptop since I had been very careful about syncing my projects through Dropbox, but I’m not the sort of person to leave something alone when I think I can fix it. I spent most of the day ironing out the kinks caused by some program updates that didn’t agree with my computer. That meant fewer words for me.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Write! Write so much. I’m falling behind again.

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