Psychology of the Hater—Using our Naysayers to Fuel Greatness

Love it! Stay positive!

We have better things to do with our time than hate on others. All writers are in the same boat. We’re all trying to do the same thing and tearing each other down for doing it a different way helps no one at all.

Sometimes I do feel insecure. I feel like I’m a failure compared to other writers with more readers or more books out there, but it’s better to figure what they’re doing right than to hate them for doing it.

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All right, I spent last post addressing HuffPo’s latest snooty rant regarding self-publishing and that’s cool. I don’t like giving attention to haters and click-bait. But, I also know there are a lot of emerging writers who follow this blog, who are finding their way in this crazy world of publishing. I’m here to keep you ON FIRE and to tell you not to let ANYONE steal your sparkle.

So today I want to milk a bit more out of this horrible post, because I think we can all learn something that is going to make us all better. And baby we need to be better. This is a tough world and we gotta STICK AND MOVE! No time to stand still!

Love Your Haters

If everybody loves us we are doing something wrong. We are blasé. We are the mediocre middle and nobody cares or even notices the mediocre…

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