Generation Butthurt—How Being Constantly Offended (and Offensive) Costs BIG

This is right on topic for me this week. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want my presence on social media to be a positive thing in my life and the life of others. I want to talk about things I love, not spread hate or pick fights.

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Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Kenny Louie. Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Kenny Louie.

Today we are going to dive back into social media because who we are on-line impacts the odds of our success. Whether we like it or not, engaging on social media and cultivating a following is going to massively impact our professional success (or lack thereof).

In sales we had a saying, Fish where the fish are. Well my darlings, the fish are schooling on social media. When we are online we are not only engaging with the readers of today, we are cultivating future readers. This applies as much to the pre-published newbie as it does the internationally best-selling author.

We are wise to remember that we now have entire generations glued to smart phones and LinkedInInstaSnap, and if we don’t learn how to navigate these waters? Bad juju.

This said. Social media is an extraordinarily powerful tool that is too…

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2 thoughts on “Generation Butthurt—How Being Constantly Offended (and Offensive) Costs BIG

  1. I totally agree, Bridgett. I try to keep my use on Facebook as positive as possible.
    Unfortunately, I make the mistake every once in a while of commenting my opinion on a controversial post, and I usually end up regretting it. Same with commenting on YouTube videos.
    There just seems to be so much hate and anger out there, the best way to avoid painting a giant target on your online persona is to avoid saying anything. At least pertaining to political and religious subjects.
    Thank you for re-posting this. Now, to follow through and see what else Kristen has to say about it.

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