CampNaNoWriMo Week 2 Recap


Thank goodness the second week Camp is over!

Much like the main NaNoWriMo event, the second week of CampNaNoWriMo is a nightmare. The enthusiasm from the start of the month has died away. Late night and caffeine abuse have started to take their toll. Real life starts to make loud and louder demands for your attention.

If these events were just a week long I guarantee a lot more people would stick them out from start to finish. Writing intensely for a week is hard, but the damage doesn’t really start to show until later in the month.

It’s hard to stay enthusiastic and on task for a whole month. Sometimes it is even impossible. There are twists and turns in life that we can’t anticipate and even the most motivated, well-prepared participant sometimes needs to lower their goal or step away from the contest sometimes.

If you’re having a bad month, please don’t be too hard on yourself. Lower your goal or throw it out the window entirely. Sometimes priorities have to change.

I’m just far, far behind on my goal. If you’re like me, don’t be discouraged. If it will help keep you motivated, consider lowering your goal some something attainable now that you know what your pace is like this month.

Or not. I’m stubborn. My goal is staying high and if I fail, I will fail knowing that I tried to push myself beyond my comfort zone.

Do whatever you need to do to keep from getting discouraged. Falling short of my word count goal doesn’t keep me up at night, but not writing at all really bothers me. You might be the opposite or have a different pet peeve entirely.

Now that we’re at the halfway point of the month, we need to look at what is working and what isn’t. We’re only halfway through this challenge. Do what you need to do to stay in the game.

2 thoughts on “CampNaNoWriMo Week 2 Recap

  1. I’ve come to terms with the fact I rather finish my project than reach my writing goal. I am thinking of lowering it, but is it more rewarding to go against the bounds of perfectionism and success for a finished project? I may just take the L to prove to myself I don’t need a winners title for success. I hope week three is better for you. If all we do is focus on the end result we stumble on our present path. Good luck, and may we continue on our writing journey.


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