July CampNaNoWriMo Week 1 Recap


This will just be a quick recap because I should be writing.

I’ve written every day of the month so far, which is great. I’ve had plenty of Camp sessions that didn’t start this well.

My goal for the month is to write 73,016 words to get to an even 150,000 overall. I’m not on track to meet that goal by a long shot. The month is still young so I’m not giving up and I’m certainly not at the point of lowering my goal. Yet.

I’ll reevaluate after next week and see if I need to change my goal. I hate the idea of lowering my goal so I’ll just have to write even more to catch up instead.

How is CampNaNoWriMo going for you? Are you on track to reach your goal? Ahead? Behind?

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