Writing Progress July 24 – 30, 2017


July 24

  • Project: Inbetwee
  • Total word count: 88,177
  • Today’s word count: 868
  • Thoughts: Woohoo! I struggled for most of the day, but then I broke through the writer’s block and it was amazing. This is becoming my routine, it seems. I struggle for hours to produce a pitiful number of words and then the floodgates break and everything comes pouring out at once. The frustration of not producing words for most of the day has me questioning what I’m doing with my life way too often, but finally getting the words into my manuscript seems to make it all worth it at the end of the day.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: More writing. I’d love to be able to figure out how not to be blocked and frustrated most of the day, but I’m not sure where to begin working on that. I’ve always done the majority of my writing at night. I should accept that, but I’m just feeling pressured to be “productive” during daylight hours.

July 25

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 88,718
  • Today’s word count: 541
  • Thoughts: I’m on a roll! It’s hard for me to get started, but once I do, I seem to write a fair bit. I just wish I could start writing earlier so I could write even more before my body demands sleep.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I need to keep writing. This writing streak cannot end. Not during CampNaNoWriMo. Even if I don’t win, I want to end strong with a respectable writing streak going.

July 26

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 89,321
  • Today’s word count: 603
  • Thoughts: Yay! Writing! I’m loving this week. I’m writing and it feels great.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I need to work on revisions because it’ll be Thursday, but I’m hoping I’ll have plenty of time to write new words too. The last thing I want to do is lose this amazing writing streak I have going.

July 27

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 89,509
  • Today’s word count: 188
  • Thoughts: My word count doesn’t look spectacular, but I managed to revise a whole chapter and write my way back into a net positive number of words for the day. I consider today a very successful day. The chapter is up for preview on my Patreon and everything. There’s nothing left to do until I post it publically here on Saturday.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Back to just writing. It’s so nice having all my revision for the week done in one day. I have the rest of the week to concentrate on making more of the story into words.

July 28

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 90,034
  • Today’s word count: 525
  • Thoughts: Another good day of writing! I’m loving this! The only thing that did not go well for me today was my desktop mouse dying. I have no idea how it happened, but I’m stuck using my travel mouse until I get a replacement and my travel mouse just isn’t comfortable enough to use all day. I really miss my mouse, which seems silly.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Post a chapter and keep writing! I don’t want to lose this writing streak. It’s too amazing!

July 29

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 90,657
  • Today’s word count: 623
  • Thoughts: Still writing! I can’t believe how much I miss my mouse. I think I type more than anything else on my computer, but having a comfortable mouse for navigating makes my life so much easier. I can’t wait for my replacement mouse to arrive and I hope it’s at least as comfortable as my old one.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: More writing. I can’t wait. I love being this excited about my writing!

July 30

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 91,232
  • Today’s word count: 575
  • Thoughts: Another good writing day! This week has been great. I want to keep this writing mojo going.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: It’ll be the last day of CampNaNoWriMo tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll win. I’ll need almost 9,000 words to reach my goal. I’ve written more than that in a day before, but I burn out after. I don’t want to burn out and lose the consistent writing routine I’ve built up. I’d rather fail Camp than burn out right now.