Writing Progress August 21 – 27, 2017


August 21

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 105,589
  • Today’s word count: 955
  • Thoughts: Wow! I wrote a lot. I love days like this!
  • Tomorrow’s goal: More writing. I want to keep this writing streak going.

August 22

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 106,450
  • Today’s word count: 861
  • Thoughts: Another good writing day! I managed to hit a nerve with my writing today (uncovered a flaw of Willow’s that hit a little too close to home), but I kept writing and it was 100% worth it. On top of that, I outlined more of The Dreams draft 3.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: More writing! I’m feeling really good about both my projects right now. My biggest problem is deciding which to work on first.

August 23

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 107,522
  • Today’s word count: 1,072
  • Thoughts: Wow. Just wow. I really didn’t think I would write this much today. I started feeling awful in the evening and still needed to write. I sat down thinking I’d maybe manage to scrape together 500 words. Somehow feeling awful made it easier to sit down and write. I probably could have written more, but I was too exhausted to try.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Revisions! I hope I can get a whole chapter revised and write a whole new batch of words, but I think it will depend on how I feel. If I’m getting sick I might have to lower my standards in favor of resting and recovering.

August 24

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 107,550
  • Today’s word count: 28
  • Thoughts: Today was a hard day of writing. My revisions consumed most of my day. This chapter needed a lot of attention. Willow wouldn’t get out of her own head. I’m not sure even now that I have the balance of her innermost thoughts to outward action balanced right. I just know I can’t make it better without letting it rest again. I’ll take another stab at it in draft 3.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Back to writing. After struggling so much I’m looking forward to just creating again.

August 25

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 108,319
  • Today’s word count: 769
  • Thoughts: Back on track! I was worried for a while that it wouldn’t happen. Once I sat down and started writing, it just happened naturally. That’s how it should be, I think!
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I have a chapter to post and more writing to do. I have a lot of other real-life things to do too so we’ll see what I’m able to accomplish.

August 26

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 108,764
  • Today’s word count: 445
  • Thoughts: I’m surprised I managed to write this much. I spent the day freezing peaches and tomatoes and cooking with my mom. When I got back home, I was drained. I did my best to write, but I did not have as much success as I have had on other days recently.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Get back on track. I know I can do it, but it might not be easy.

August 27

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 109,523
  • Today’s word count: 759
  • Thoughts: Yay! Writing! I made a lot of progress today. It’s always great to end the day knowing I actually accomplished something within the story.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Do the same thing again! I know I can do it. I want to check off more plot points!