NaNoWriMo 2017 Week 2 Recap


Wow! Week 2 is already behind us. It feels like we just finished the first week, doesn’t it?

The second week of NaNoWriMo is always terrible for me. The excitement and energy of the early days has worn off, late nights are coming back to bite me, and real life is starting to make some serious demands on my time.

The second week this year was no different. I had some pretty good days, but I had several awful days as well. My two best writing days of the month so far happened during the last week, but my two worst writing days happened as well. The good days were not quite enough to balance out the bad ones.

I’m starting to panic about my dwindling backlog of writing for Inbetween. I’m making an effort to keep the buffer from disappearing completely, but I’m starting to feel a bit nervous about the coming weeks. Getting the chapters revised and formatted hasn’t been too much of a problem, but as I start to have more adulting to do, I’ll start to run out of time for both writing and revising.

For the most part writing the new draft of The Dreams has been going great. Some parts are still difficult to write. It’s not a case of not know what to write, but writing about stuff that still hits pretty close to home. I think I pulled my punches too much last time I wrote this story, particularly in the early parts and I’m trying to fix that problem this time around. The story is purely fiction, but certain parts are very much inspired by my life and digging into this stuff still hurts no matter how careful I am.

I’m sticking to my plan of posting completed and lightly edited scenes from this new draft of The Dreams to my Patreon. So far I’m feeling pretty great about the whole thing. Nothing I’ve written so far has been too incomprehensible so that’s always helpful.

As of right now I’m about 4.5k behind the target word count. If I pushed myself I could make up all those words in one day. I’ve written that much and more in one day before, but doing it would probably burn me out. My plan for the next week is to gradually get caught up. If I can do it, the last week or so of the month will be a breeze.

How was your week 2? Are you ahead? Behind? Already past your goal?

Are you ready for week 3?