Writing Progress November 27 – December 3, 2017


November 27

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 26,355
  • Today’s word count: 1,715
  • Thoughts: Progress! I struggled to wrap up a scene today, but once it was done it was so freeing. Unfortunately, I was exhausted by the time I managed that and not much progress was made beyond that scene.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: More writing! I want to cut down my words per day to finish NaNoWriMo by as much as possible. I should be easy, right?

November 28

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 29,642
  • Today’s word count: 3,287
  • Thoughts: I’m making progress towards my goal for the month, but I still have a long, long way to go.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: More writing. A lot more writing.

November 29

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 32,363
  • Today’s word count: 2,721
  • Thoughts: Well, today wasn’t as spectacular of a writing day as I hoped it might be, but I’ve made plenty of progress. I’m not too worried about winning NaNoWriMo because I’ve won and lost in the past and I’m still here and writing every day is pretty much a lifestyle for me at this point. If I don’t write at least a few words my whole day feels off.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Write until my fingers fall off. Let’s see if I can pull off a win.

November 30

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 44,990
  • Today’s word count: 12,627
  • Thoughts: It was the last day of NaNoWriMo, which means it will probably end up being my wordiest day of the year. I’m okay with that, but I think once a year is about all I can handle of 10k+ days. A lot of what I wrote today is going to need a lot of attention and hard work to get it anywhere near good, but I think I wrote at least a few gems. We’ll see how they look after I’ve let them sit.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Back to normal, I hope. Time to go back to splitting my time between writing and revising, I suppose.

November 1

No progress made. I took a day to decompress and relax.

November 2

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 132,338
  • Today’s word count: 4
  • Thoughts: I only managed to revise and post a chapter today. It’s more than nothing, but it wasn’t the triumphant return to writing I’d hoped for. I did manage to do some brainstorming, which was nice.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Return to writing!

November 3

  • Project: Inbetween
  • Total word count: 132,408
  • Today’s word count: 70
  • Thoughts: Well, it wasn’t a spectacular return to writing, but I did sit down and write a couple sentences. It’s a start.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: More writing. I’m sure I’ll gradually climb out of the post-NaNoWriMo funk. The important part is to keep writing so I don’t establish bad habits.

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