What I Read in July

July was a month of burn-out. It’s that simple. I was just done with everything.

Apparently that included books.

That isn’t to say I didn’t try to read. I just didn’t read a lot.

I’m still loving Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, but there were a lot of days in July when I just didn’t have the energy to invest in enjoying the story. I’m not used to feeling like this, but I took some time to reflect on it and I’m sure it’s only temporary. Soon I’ll be ready to read again.

Books I’m currently reading:


What books did you read in July? Have you ever felt so burned-out you couldn’t muster the energy to read?

2 thoughts on “What I Read in July

  1. I love that book. I read it in college, which made all the footnotes and references to fictional texts even more entertaining somehow. I think that makes me a nerd? Lol.

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