Writing Progress November 5 – 11, 2018

daily writing progress

November 5

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 53,753
  • Today’s word count: 2,708
  • Thoughts: Today was an extremely productive day. I can hardly believe how much I wrote. I don’t even feel like much of it will need work later on. I wrote a lot of good words today and it felt fantastic.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: More writing. I’m not sure I’ll be able to beat today’s word count, but I think I’d like to try.

November 6

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 56,231
  • Today’s word count: 2,478
  • Thoughts: Another productive day! I’m thrilled with all the words I’ve been writing. I didn’t write more words than I did yesterday, but I think I got pretty close. No complaints here.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Continue writing. Get a collection of scenes from the first week of NaNoWriMo cleaned up and posted for patrons over on my Patreon. I’ve been so productive, it should be a good chunk of reading for them.

November 7

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 58,339
  • Today’s word count: 2,108
  • Thoughts: Today was wild. I posted my week 1 progress for my patrons over on Patreon. On top of that, I wrote over 2,000 words again!
  • Tomorrow’s goal: More writing! I’m so excited to keep writing this month.

November 8

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 60,134
  • Today’s word count: 1,795
  • Thoughts: Wow. It’s weird to think of a day I write 1,795 words as a slow day, but compared to the start of the week, it seems like I’m slowing down. Not good!
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Write! It’ll be Friday. Fridays are always hard for me. I’m trying to remain optimistic, but I’m not sure what I’ll manage to do.

November 9

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 61,624
  • Today’s word count: 1,490
  • Thoughts: Well, today was definitely a Friday. It was much more productive than an average Friday because I’m still riding the NaNoWriMo motivation wave, but it’s nothing compared to early this week.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Write! I’m going to be busy, but I’m planning on getting together to write with friends in the evening. Hopefully I’ll be able to make up for some of the lost writing time then.

November 10

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 62,456
  • Today’s word count: 832
  • Thoughts: Today was such a busy day. I honestly don’t know how I even managed to write the words I did.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Back to writing. I have no serious plans tomorrow and I’m looking forward to focusing on writing again.

November 11

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 63,140
  • Today’s word count: 684
  • Thoughts: Week two of NaNoWriMo is always hard. Some people run out of ideas/outline and lose steam, some people get sick after not sleeping or eating right during week one, and some people (like me) get a migraine. I tried to write once I thought my symptoms were manageable, but the window of opportunity was not large enough to do a full NaNo day’s worth of writing.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Hopefully feel better and get back on track with my writing.

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