Another Goal Unlocked!


I can’t believe I’m making another post like this so soon! For the second time this year we’ve unlocked a new goal on my Patreon.

What is a Patreon goal? It’s a milestone I set that can be reached collectively by my patrons as more people join and more money starts coming in.

I tried to come up with fun perks for my goals so there would be extra incentive to reach them.

Last month passed the first goal! That means my patrons are getting new chapters early now! It’s not always easy, but I’ve done my best to get new scenes and chapters ready early so my supporters on Patreon can see them a bit early. It’s not much, but I hope it conveys my appreciation for their support.

Now we’ve unlocked the second goal as well. Starting in March I’ll be streaming my writing once a month (more if I feel motivated or end up really enjoying it). I’m really nervous about putting myself and my writing out there for people to see live, but it’s something a few of my longtime supporters have wanted for a while now. Admittedly a small, brave part of my is looking forward to doing it.

At this point I’m wondering if we’ll unlocked the next goal in 2019 as well. It’s a long way off, but we’re growing steadily this year.

The next goal is all about swag. I want to commission bookmarks and other bookish goodies themed around my serials. All my patrons will get one. Imagining a bookmark based on the gorgeous cover art for The Dreams has me beyond eager to reach this goal.

If you’d like to see bookmarks, more amazing cover art, and other bookish thing, now is the time to join my Patreon. Every pledge gets us closer to the unlocking the next goal.

So far, 2019 has been a fantastic year for my writing. I’d like to thank everyone whether you’re a patron, follow my blog, a lurker, or just someone dropping by to leave a like or comment. I appreciate every last one of you.