What I Read in April

April wasn’t the greatest month for reading. I started out the month sick. Then I struggled with burnout and just generally felt like I needed to get away from writing for a while. Unfortunately, books are closely tied to writing in my mind.

Later in the month I started to regain my drive to consume books. I don’t know how fast I’ll be reading, but I’m enjoying myself again.

Books I finished reading in April:


Books I’m currently reading:

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Do you ever feel the need to step away from reading? What brings you back?

2 thoughts on “What I Read in April

  1. I recently started giving myself a reading schedule. After long breaks I might look up books I really want to read, and give myself a time to read them. If I don’t finish them in the time I allow myself I might move on to another that might suit my mood more and save it for later. It helps to focus on enjoying my reading time and not worry too much about the amount of reading I’m getting done. XD

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