What I Read in June

I feel like I didn’t read a lot in June, but if I’m being realistic, I just wasn’t reading books. Most of my reading this month was online. I’ve been reading articles, blogs and forum threads about writing and topics relevant to my projects.

It’s been fun and I’m learning a lot. I just want to read more novels. They make me happy.

Books I finished reading in June:


Books I’m currently reading:


Do you ever take some time away from reading books without taking a break from reading? What sort of things do you read during that time?

4 thoughts on “What I Read in June

  1. I loved The Fifth Season (the entire trilogy actually). And yes, I do take time (involuntarily) away from reading books but still continue to read (I’m a copyeditor -_-). Reading is my bread and butter….unfortunately, just not the kinds of things I actually want to read 😦

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  2. I read all the time and it’s hardly ever books! Most of that is because of my fanfiction addiction. Some of it is WordPress email digests, heh. Some is because audiobooks are easier than print copies on my attention span/work schedule/husband’s ocd, and audiobooks have far more limited availability at my local library.

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    • I used to have a huge fanfiction addiction. Now I have a couple authors I check up on a couple times a year and read all their updates. Sometimes I go back and read some really long, completed fanfics in an attempt to relive the first time I read them.


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