My 3 Day Writing Streak Badge

I was feeling a little demotivated when I discovered the NaNoWriMo site is glitching and not giving everyone their writing streak badges. I managed to earn my 2 day streak badge but the site did not give me a 3 day streak badge yesterday.

Fortunately, the wonderful people at NaNoWriMo have downloadable writing streak badges we can use and display for ourselves.

I won’t be discouraged. If I can’t get the badge on the website right now, I’ll display my badge right here.

Day 3 writing badge.jpg

Let’s hope the badges are working again by the time I reach my 7 day writing streak. If not, I guess I’ll be back here to share another milestone.

If you’re looking for badges to celebrate your NaNoWriMo writing streak, you can download them here. Thanks so much to the lovely people doing their best to provide motivation and inspiration to struggling WriMos.