What I Read in February

I can’t believe February is over. We even had leap day this year and it still seemed like the month flew by. I feel like I read a lot this month, but I spread it out over multiple books so I didn’t finish much of anything.

Books I finished reading in February:


Books I’m currently reading:

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What books did you read in February? Have you ever spent a month reading some of many books instead of finishing one book at a time?

4 thoughts on “What I Read in February

  1. I decided to go by monthly themes this year. In honor of Black History Month in February, I read books by African or African-American authors. That month I read “The Color Purple”, “The Underground Railroad”, and “Behold the Dreamers.”

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  2. This month, I’ve read:
    A Time to Die by Wilbur Smith
    Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull
    The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
    The Body by Bill Bryson
    The Passage by Justin Cronin (audiobook)

    I usually have one text book and one audiobook on the go at any one time, but occasionally I go back and forth between a few, or read a couple of books at different times of the day.

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    • I’ve been juggling books more and more. With ebooks, physical books, and physical and digital library books it’s so easy to accumulate a hoard of reading material.


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