Writing Progress November 2–8, 2020

daily writing progress

November 2

  • Project: The Mage’s Unwritten Guide to Dragons
  • Total word count: 1,102
  • Today’s word count: 442
  • Thoughts: My anxiety was pretty high again today. Still had a cat under the weather. He’s already doing better, but I couldn’t stop myself from checking on him regularly since he’d been feeling so low yesterday. I also got bombarded with election news accidentally and that led to my anxiety going up even more.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: More writing, of course. I’m hoping my cat will continue to feel better. Staying away from election news will probably be nearly impossible. If I get online, I will see it. I’ll still do my best to keep calm and make the most of the day.

November 3

  • Project: The Mage’s Unwritten Guide to Dragons
  • Total word count: 1,514
  • Today’s word count: 412
  • Thoughts: I had another weird, distracting day. I don’t think I actually looked at my project until 9 pm. There’s just too much going on these days to have a day entirely dedicated to writing even though that is what I know I desperately need. It’s not just about my word count. I know my mental health would get a boost from a day of just writing and no other responsibilities or obligations.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I won’t be able to dedicate my day entirely to writing, but I do hope to give it a significant portion of my time and energy. Writing a new story and trying out first person has been so refreshing. I want to explore this new world more.

November 4

  • Project: The Mage’s Unwritten Guide to Dragons
  • Total word count: 1,789
  • Today’s word count: 275
  • Thoughts: These days it is so easy to get distracted. I can come up with a huge list of reasons for being distracted and I’m sure I don’t need to go into detail about it. I just want to keep writing every day because it would be so easy to stop right now.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: More writing, of course. I have so much catching up to do, but I’m more concerned with maintaining some sort of momentum. Catch up time will probably be next week. Hopefully things will be a bit more calm then.

November 5

  • Project: The Mage’s Unwritten Guide to Dragons
  • Total word count: 2,140
  • Today’s word count: 351
  • Thoughts: I can feel my mind starting to clear. That’s a good sign for my writing. I’m not there yet, but I’m getting there. Writing will become easier. I won’t be so tense every second of every day. I can’t wait for that.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I don’t want to set my expectations too high, but it is so, so tempting to say tomorrow will be the first day of proper NaNoWriMo writing of the month. I want it so badly. I just don’t know if I can push myself far enough to make itself happen without breaking.

November 6

  • Project: The Mage’s Unwritten Guide to Dragons
  • Total word count: 2,568
  • Today’s word count: 428
  • Thoughts: For a Friday today was a pretty decent day. I need it to be better, but I can get by with Fridays like this. For NaNoWriMo I want to write so much more than this, but this week continues to be horrible so I’ll take what I can get.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: At this point I don’t know what to expect. Will I find focus and get the writing done? Will I be stressed all day? Will something come along to distract me from all the stress I’ve been under but it unfortunately won’t leave me time to write? I don’t know. The future is a total mystery.

November 7

  • Project: The Mage’s Unwritten Guide to Dragons
  • Total word count: 2,583
  • Today’s word count: 15
  • Thoughts: I was barely home today and it shows. The entire day was an emotional roller coaster. I was exhausted, stressed, excited, and so overwhelmed. We might be buying a house. Maybe. We started the day seeing the house. We decided to make an offer in the afternoon. We couldn’t look at the documents until late at night and when we did we were so tired and overwhelmed we’re no longer sure we can do it. We need sleep.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: SLEEP. I’m so tired. I need to sleep so I can think clearly to do all the things that are making it hard for me to sleep and write. I don’t know what tomorrow has in store for me, but I’m going to do my best to be productive in as many ways as possible.

November 8

  • Project: The Mage’s Unwritten Guide to Dragons
  • Total word count: 3,159
  • Today’s word count: 576
  • Thoughts: First of all, I didn’t get enough sleep. I’m falling apart. I know a lot of people do great things on the amount of sleep I’ve been getting, but I start to unravel pretty quickly and it’s a huge migraine trigger for me. I’m pretty much living in dread of a migraine starting. Even so, I managed to write. It took a while to pull myself together and be coherent enough to write, but it did happen. I’m still not at NaNoWriMo writing levels but I’m getting there. I’ll catch up.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: My quest for sleep continues. Hopefully I’ll be back on track sleep-wise tomorrow. With enough sleep I know I can accomplish great things.

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