Writing Progress September 6–12, 2021

September 6

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 220,939
  • Today’s word count: 54
  • Thoughts: Writing didn’t come as easily today as I had hoped. I was just tired for most of the day. Writing might not be a physically intense activity but I need my brain to be alert or I won’t get very far.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep and a ton more energy tomorrow. The weather has been so much nicer so hopefully that will make it easier to sleep and to concentrate on my tasks after I wake up.

September 7

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 220,998
  • Today’s word count: 59
  • Thoughts: I had time. I had energy. I didn’t have focus. I was all over the place today. I could have accomplished so much if I had the capacity to channel the energy I had into any one direction. It was impossible. I felt helpless. At least I managed to learn some new things that might one day be useful for another writing project while I was flitting from one thing to the next.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Hopefully I will have energy again and I’ll find a way to focus it into writing. I feel like I’ve been working with scraps of time and energy recently and it shouldn’t be like that. I can and will do better.

September 8

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 221,127
  • Today’s word count: 129
  • Thoughts: My motivation was extremely high today. My focus couldn’t match it. I took ages to settle down enough to focus on actually writing. I kept trying but my mind flitted from one thing to the next too quickly for anything substantial to be accomplished. Even so, today was a more productive day of writing than most lately.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I wonder if I can improve my focus and get more done tomorrow. I’m going to try. I can’t wait to see the results.

September 9

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 221,180
  • Today’s word count: 53
  • Thoughts: My focus didn’t really improve. Today was just neutral. It wasn’t bad, but I can’t really call my state of mind or my writing good today. It was fine. It could have been worse. I wish it had been better.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I have high hopes even though I have errands to run in the morning. I want to spend the day feeling cozy, relaxing and writing. It’s going to take some effort to make that happen, but I think it would be worth it.

September 10

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 221,199
  • Today’s word count: 19
  • Thoughts: Well, I managed to write. That’s a victory for a Friday. It’s not what I wanted, but I’ll take it.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I have some more things to do and I really want to take a long walk since that’s become a bit of a Saturday tradition. Somewhere in there I should have some time to write. I don’t know how successfully I will utilize that time, but I plan to try.

September 11

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 221,240
  • Today’s word count: 41
  • Thoughts: I actually wrote more than yesterday but it felt like much less. I don’t know how I get these feelings and I don’t know if it helped or hurt my writing today. I do know the amount of sugar I had today played a part in my inefficient use of my time. I was all over the place today.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Less sugar. Fewer distractions. More writing. I’m only asking for a little but it feels like a lot. Hopefully I’ll get there in the end. I’m due for a day of superb focus.

September 12

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 221,308
  • Today’s word count: 68
  • Thoughts: I felt like I wasn’t making any progress with my writing today. Looking at the word count was all I needed to prove that feeling wrong but the frustration remained. With the way I was feeling I’m surprised I wrote as much as I did.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: After I sleep I hope I will have a better mindset. There has to be something I can do to turn things around. I’m getting impatient.

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  1. Focus has been such an issue for me lately. Yesterday I had every intention of filming a video for my Authortube channel, even started making notes for it, then got distracted by something else I needed to do. Ugh. Hopefully today will be better.

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