A Writing Break Update

Monday is usually the day I share a summary of how each day’s writing went for the past week. For the first time in at least a few years I have no writing progress to report.

I’ve been on a writing break for 10 days now!

After finishing draft 3 of The Dreams I really, really needed some time to decompress. The timing worked out so I had a decent chunk of time right before NaNoWriMo to do anything other than writing. I’ve been taking that time and enjoying myself when I get past that little voice in the back of my head that tells me I should be writing.

What did I get up to this week while I wasn’t writing anything at all?

  • Finished reading two books
  • Started reading two more books
  • Watched Midnight Mass on Netflix
  • Played an excessive amount of Hades
  • Got serious about buying a house (terrifying)

Aside from the last item on that list, everything has been very relaxing. Even with house hunting, I think my stress levels are lower than usual. Having a short to-do list and not feeling guilty if the time I allotted for writing ends up not being enough to reach my word count goals has helped.

Overall, I’ve had a relaxing yet still stressful week. I’m tempted to end my break and start some sort of plan/outline for NaNoWriMo this week (I’ve been tempted to get started since last Monday), but part of me wants to stay away from writing for a little while longer. I think I’ll end up starting NaNo prep on the 21st so I have 10 days to get ready.