Writing Progress December 27, 2021–January 2, 2022

December 27

  • Project: Inbetween (novel version)
  • Total word count: 50,485
  • Today’s word count: 16
  • Thoughts: I wrote a bit more, but I’m just not finding the focus to build up momentum. I’m glad I’m able to start writing again, but I really want to find the energy to drive myself to keep going. It’s hard. I know it is a combination of recovering from being sick and this time of the year being made entirely of distractions. It’s a terrible combination.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I’m going to search for focus and try to build up that momentum I need to write more than a sentence. There are going to be distractions. I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t manage much again. At least I’m trying.

December 28

  • Project: Inbetween (novel version)
  • Total word count: 50,517
  • Today’s word count: 32
  • Thoughts: Today felt like more of the same kind of energy I had yesterday. I’m still lacking energy to get the momentum to keep going. I was a bit more productive today on the creative front, it just wasn’t all directed at my writing. This afternoon I played piano for a while. It was great and after that I was ready to sit down and write. It’s too bad I ran out of steam so quickly.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I hope I can write more. I seem to be writing a bit more every day. As soon as I write enough I’ll write more and more. I can’t wait to get to that point again. I know I need to recover and it’ll happen when I’m well enough to handle it, but I’m impatient.

December 29

I outlined. It didn’t change my word count, of course, but I have a couple more scenes planned out in detail and a lot of motivation to get this story to its conclusion. I don’t know how long that will take me. If I’m honest with myself, I’m probably going to switch gears back to The Dreams fairly soon. It’s been sitting for a few months now and it is time to start shaping it into what I hope will be its final form.

December 30 & 31

No writing progress

I just wasn’t feeling great and then I took the evening off for New Year’s Eve even though we just stayed home and watched Anime Hell on Twitch. Hopefully this little break to rest will let me start off 2022 strong.

January 1 & 2

I went back to outlining. It seems my brain is more ready to plan for writing than to actually do the writing. I’ll get back to writing eventually. I’m trying to be patient with myself. I have Inbetween which is a sort of first draft that’s definitely not a first draft in some ways and I have plans to start the next draft of The Dreams soon. I should probably start that before I lose my nerve.

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