Writing Progress January 17–23, 2022

January 17

Today wasn’t the most productive day for me. I intended to outline. Most of my outlining time was spent staring at the screen. The ideas were there. I just felt like I couldn’t get them to be coherent and orderly. I’ve been feeling a strong urge to rush through this outline and I think that desire to rush has jumbled everything up inside my head and now I’m moving slower than ever. Good job, me.

January 18–23

This week got really, really chaotic out of nowhere so I’m going to summarize rather than go day by day.

I had a really productive day of outlining on Wednesday. I attended a writing live stream and outlined during the sprints.

I also did spend some time rereading the previous draft and making note of parts that I thought worked really well.

The rest of the week has been a blur. We went from stalling out on house hunting to moving at the speed of light this week and my brain is frazzled and full of that. There hasn’t been a ton of time to work on writing stuff let alone keep track of it.

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