Writing Progress January 24–30, 2022

January 24

We didn’t get the house we were interested in. I hadn’t been sleeping well because of the excitement of finding a house we liked and it resulted in a migraine. It was a really tough day.

However, I managed to work on the outline for a little while after the migraine subsided in the evening. I’m going to call that a win.

January 25

Today I worked on reading through my previous draft. I knew there were some parts that were a little weak in this part of the story and I wanted to see what I’d done to get some ideas for how to make it better. I’m not sure how effective it was but I spotted a few passages with wonderful little details I don’t want to lose in the next draft.

January 26

This was strange day. I was very productive but not so much with my writing. I’m auditing a course on Greek and Roman mythology and today I went down the studying rabbit hole. I’m not complaining. It’s fun and studying myths in depth will hopefully help me tell better stories.

January 27

Today had me in a tizzy. We were doing our errands a day early and on top of that we were touring another house. I had really high hopes for this house. The pictures looked great. Seeing it in person was more of a disappointment. Two of the three bedrooms were almost too small to be functional with a single bed. The attic and basement both had things that made us concerned. I knew there was a chance this house wouldn’t be a good fit once we got a look at it, but I didn’t expect seeing it to reveal enough deal breakers to keep me from sulking over the house. It might be a good fit for someone, but it definitely isn’t for us.

Even after all that, I did manage to outline another scene. So that was my big win for the day.

January 28

The promised snowstorm was a huge disappointment. I could feel the storm. My sinuses were very upset, but it hardly snowed here at all.

There wasn’t much else going on so I had time to focus on outlining and reading. Looking back, I feel like I could have done more, but at the time I was happy with the amount of work I got done.

January 29

I really didn’t want to work on writing stuff today. It needed to be done, but getting started was like pulling teeth. There wasn’t anything in particular I would have preferred to be doing, but the effort to get started felt monumental.

I got there eventually and because it took so long I stayed up much later than I intended. My sleep schedule will eventually recover though.

January 30

I had a really productive day. I didn’t have to struggle and push myself to do the things that I knew I wanted to accomplish today. However, I did bounce from one task to the next a little too much. I read my old draft, played the piano, and worked on my outline all within a 90 minute period without any breaks this afternoon and once I did stop to breathe, my brain felt a little worn out. It was a weird chunk of time. Usually I have trouble sitting still so I at least get up and stretch for a minute or two every 20 minutes or so but I was too focused to even realize the time was passing.

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