Writing Progress January 31–February 6, 2022

January 31

No writing progress

This just felt like a wasted day. I had no focus. I had no energy. I’m so tired. I need more sleep.

February 1

I wish I could say I got caught up on sleep, but I did do a bit more outlining! This week feels like one where I’ll have to take whatever small victories I can get.

February 2

  • Project: Some dream thing that wouldn’t leave me alone
  • Total word count: 2,947
  • Thoughts: Yeah… after not actually writing for weeks I felt pushed to write something and managed almost 3,000 words in one day. It’s nothing important. I had the same dream involving some characters from The Dreams a couple times. I contemplated incorporating it into the story. It’s not that it doesn’t fit. I just decided to write it to get it out of my head since it doesn’t serve to further the plot or move the characters’ arcs forward. It was just something that made me happy and I hope by writing it out I’ll make room in my head for something new and I can revisit it in written form any time.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Since it will take at least a few nights to discover another dream that won’t leave me alone, I guess I’ll be back to outlining.

February 3

I originally had some errands planned for this afternoon but those got cancelled/moved around so I felt lost for most of the day. I could have just had an ordinary Thursday but I couldn’t get my subconscious to let to of the “have to go somewhere later” feeling and it threw me off a few times before I realized what was happening.

Things were better in the evening. I managed to settle in and do some more outlining. I’m also starting to form a more solid game plan for how I will proceed with this draft. I’m not quite ready to share my plans with everyone just yet but I’m getting there!

February 4

The weather was really, really rainy. I was expecting it to be worse. There were warnings for ice and snow but pretty much all we got was rain and more rain. I did manage to work on the outline a bit more so the day wasn’t a total loss.

February 5

Today was only a so-so day in terms of getting stuff done for my outline. I was bouncing around a lot. I couldn’t really sit still. Some days are like that. Hopefully I can be more focused later.

February 6

Outlining went really well today! I had a couple hours of extreme focus this afternoon. The outline is significantly longer now and I’m starting to get worried about the length of this first book. I know it’ll be as long as it needs to be but it kills me a little bit to be reminded once again that I cannot write short stories.

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