Writing Progress March 28–April 3, 2022

March 28

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 2,815
  • Today’s word count: 23
  • Thoughts: My aspirations for the day were bigger than my ability to carry out simple creative tasks. I’m feeling a lot better physically. Mentally, I’m still bouncing back from multiple nights of poor sleep and the days of frustrations of not physically being able to do the things I want and need to do. I’ll get there, but it will take some time.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: My number one goal is to sleep more. I feel like all the rest I have managed to get lately has gone toward helping me physically recover but my brain is lagging behind. I need more sleep to get some clarity and regain my ability to focus.

March 29

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 3,041
  • Today’s word count: 226
  • Thoughts: Getting started today was the hardest part. Once I got started the writing went fine. Then I had to step away from my keyboard and I just couldn’t get back into it no matter how hard I tried. The worst part is how much I thought about what I’d write next while I was away from my keyboard. It just got jumbled and blocked up as soon as I tried again.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I’d like more of today’s energy but better. That might not be possible since I haven’t figured out what I need to address to get passed this mental block, but I’m reasonably optimistic that a good night’s sleep will help. Now I just need a good night’s sleep…

March 30

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 3,058
  • Today’s word count: 17
  • Thoughts: I got distracted today. I couldn’t stop thinking about everything we still need to do for buying the house. There wasn’t room in my head for writing. It was frustrating but as hard as I tried to change course, it just wasn’t going to happen without sleep.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I want to get back to writing. I’m also going to post the first part of my attempt at a novel sized version of Inbetween to my Patreon tomorrow. It’s not complete but hopefully with some support and encouragement from my patrons (and some time to recover from the house buying/moving process) I’ll have the energy to finish this draft between working on The Dreams.

March 31

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 3,068
  • Today’s word count: 10
  • Thoughts: Writing just wasn’t meant to be today. I feel like I wasn’t able to much of anything with words today. Reading was even a problem which is very unusual for me.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Camp NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. I have to write for Camp so that’s what I’ll do… after errands.

April 1

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 3,303
  • Today’s word count: 235
  • Thoughts: This was just about the best writing outcome I could have hoped for today. Am I still behind for Camp? Yes. Am I as far behind as I thought I would be? Absolutely not! It was hard work to get the words out today but I managed to do it and I’m proud of that.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I should have a decent chunk of time to focus on writing in the middle of the day. I think my evening is going to be more distracting than usual so my typical strategy of writing at night might not work for me. I’ll have to try to give myself an advantage by getting as much writing done earlier in the day.

April 2

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 3,311
  • Today’s word count: 8
  • Thoughts: I’m just happy I managed to write something so I didn’t mess up my Camp NaNoWriMo streak on the second day of the month. I’ll be happy to just have a 30 day streak at the end of the month.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Time to catch up! I’ll be going to my aunt’s for lunch to celebrate my grandma’s 92nd birthday. Other than that, I should have plenty of time at home for writing (and packing).

April 3

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 3,368
  • Today’s word count: 57
  • Thoughts: I knew today was going to be a bit chaotic. I just had no way to plan ahead for my allergies going to bonkers. Some writing happened before I just needed to go to bed.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Maybe I’ll get lucky and one sleep will be all it takes to get past this particular allergy incident. It’s not likely, but it’s possible. I really don’t want to take allergy medicine and try to stay awake all day. It never works out.

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4 thoughts on “Writing Progress March 28–April 3, 2022

    • Thanks!

      The last few years have been tough and I’ve wondered more than once if showing up to write every day is worth the stress. Then I have a good day when everything clicks again and I’m glad I kept up the routine. I almost certainly would have missed that moment of clarity and motivation otherwise.

      I have a spreadsheet of my daily word count going back to August 2015. It’s both comforting and frustrating to know my daily word count has always had ups and downs. I’d love to be able to consistently write 500 words a day every day but that’s never been me and it probably never will be.

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      • For sure on all that. I am trying to get back on my practice, also getting a certification, and recovering from surgery. It all adds up and chips away at you and creative spirit. It’s great to see some one who is consistent.

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