Writing Progress September 26–October 2, 2022

September 26

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 7,620
  • Today’s word count: 33
  • Thoughts: It was a busy, busy day. I didn’t get much of a chance to write until pretty late at night. I’m just glad I wrote something.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: More writing, I hope. I plan on taking another big brainstorming walk. Hopefully after that I will come home feeling motivated to get all my work done and really dig into writing.

September 27

No writing progress

I had a good start to the day, but I think I tried to do too much because I ended up with really persistent back pain. I put up with it for as long as I could, but I ended up going to bed early to hopefully give my back some time to work itself out.

September 28

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 7,656
  • Today’s word count: 36
  • Thoughts: I wrote! That’s better than yesterday. My standards are low and they’re going to stay low until I consistently see results. My back is still not perfect but it was better today than yesterday which allowed me to write even though I had a lot of distractions.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Fewer distractions. Maybe more writing? I don’t know. I hate it when my life is unpredictable. I want surprise and adventure on my own terms!

September 29

No writing progress

I don’t know what happened. I just felt exhausted so I went to bed way earlier than usual. It wasn’t terrible. Going to bed early felt like a relief. Sometimes I think I stick to my routine a little too closely and it ends up hurting me more than helping. I love routine. Sticking to a routine means I don’t need to dedicate precious mental energy to planning things out every day. However, routines don’t always work. It might be time for me to rethink my routine. I’ve tried to keep the same one I had before we bought our house and I don’t think it works anymore.

September 30

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 7,666
  • Today’s word count: 10
  • Thoughts: Today was a bit of a weird day, but I managed to write something. I’m hoping I’ll be able to write every day in October so getting that momentum going before October starts is great.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: It’ll be October! NaNoWriMo prep will be in full swing starting tomorrow. In addition to writing every day, I also want to make sure I know exactly what I want to write during November so I don’t slow down during the month pondering that.

October 1

No writing progress

Well, this isn’t the start to the month leading up to NaNoWriMo I planned on having. It’s the one I had though. Oh well. I did get my digital piano set up finally and sitting down at that keyboard again felt good. I lost a lot of the muscles and flexibility I’d developed back when I was practicing regularly. At least now I can build them back up. I remember how to read music better than how to play it so for a little while I’m going to be stuck playing really simple things to get my hands caught up with my eyes and brain.

October 2

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 7,745
  • Today’s word count: 79
  • Thoughts: It felt good to get back of writing. It took a really long time to get there but I finally had a day where I had enough energy to actually write something at the right time of day for me to do the writing. Maybe the two extra cups of coffee helped. It might also have been the extra sleep I got because it was so dark from all the rain we’ve been getting that I didn’t realize it was morning. I’m sure there were a number of factors that helped me get some writing done. I just hope I can keep it up.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: It’s still going to rain but I don’t think it is supposed to be all day and night anymore. I might get a chance to go outside and take a walk and plan what I want to write. Not doing that at all over the weekend felt weird. It’s become part of my routine pretty quickly.