Writing Progress November 7–13, 2022

November 7

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 11,772
  • Today’s word count: 533
  • Thoughts: Things were going so well until they weren’t. I kept getting distracted but not so distracted that I could get back into the zone if I put my mind to it. The real problem emerged when I got into an argument with my sister. after that I couldn’t get settled again for the day. I’m so frustrated it happened. It’s my fault for letting things get under my skin. Of course, my sister could try not to do things she knows will upset me, but I only have control over how I react to things around me.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Be chill. Really, I just need to stop letting things get to me and concentrate on what really matters. This month in particular, what really matters is writing.

November 8

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 12,487
  • Today’s word count: 715
  • Thoughts: I wrote. Today was better than yesterday. I wasn’t in a great mood, sadly, but I still managed to buckle down and write. Writing more than the day before is always the goal, but I definitely find myself wishing I was writing more than the minimum for NaNoWriMo, not less.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I’m going to have a busy day so I’m hoping I will be able to arrange things so I can have a solid chunk of writing before and after the busy parts. Hopefully the end result will be a ton of words.

November 9

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 12,570
  • Today’s word count: 83
  • Thoughts: Nothing about today went the way I hoped it would. I sacrificed my walk today to wash my hair. It’s a process at this time of year and my hair is just getting longer and more unruly. As much as I thought sacrificing my walk to make time to wash my hair would help me write more, it just didn’t work out. Apparently, I need my outside time to get my mind into order. Washing my hair and waiting for it to dry didn’t do me any favors. The day devolved into chaos pretty quickly.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I am going on a walk. It is non-negotiable because we’re going to get rain over the weekend and I know I need to walk to work things out in my brain. Tomorrow is going to need to have enough walking to hold me over for a few days.

November 10

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 14,255
  • Today’s word count: 1,685
  • Thoughts: It felt so good to actually write the daily minimum for NaNoWriMo. Yes, it did take me ten days to finally get there, but I did it! It’s been a long time since I wrote this much in a single day. I might have even kept going if it hadn’t gotten really late.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I have errands to run in the morning. I’m hoping that won’t ruin my momentum. It’s going to rain all day so I won’t be taking a walk. The rest of the day should be free for writing. I need to make the most of it.

November 11

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 14,525
  • Today’s word count: 270
  • Thoughts: My hopes for the day were shattered pretty quickly. Today was looking like a good day at the start. Thursday had been so productive! I was certain I could ride the momentum to another good day of writing. It just wasn’t in the cards. A migraine derailed my entire day. I ended up sleeping a lot. It was what I needed to do, but that doesn’t make me feel any better about not writing much at all.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Hopefully I will get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling like myself in the morning. I’m going to do my best to write either way, but I’m not going to push myself unless I know I’m feeling okay.

November 12

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 14,589
  • Today’s word count: 64
  • Thoughts: Oh boy. Know what happens when going to bed early doesn’t completely obliterate a migraine? This. This is what happens. I had stuff I needed to do today on top of writing. I pretty much had to make a choice between doing the writing and doing the other stuff. I couldn’t be certain I was going to be able to write if I did prioritize writing anyway, so I went the other way. I paid for it with an absolutely pitiful word count and exhaustion.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I have more stuff that’s going to keep me away from my keyboard. It’s unlikely my migraine will survive another night so I should at least be past that. We’ll see how things go. I should have time later in the day to write and maybe in the morning depending on when I wake up. I might be able to get a decent number of words in if I still have some energy.

November 13

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 15,034
  • Today’s word count: 445
  • Thoughts: Today was better than yesterday, but I was also very busy. This month is turning out to be so much more chaotic than I wanted it to be. I can plan for some chaos, but I’m out of sorts more often than not. There’s not enough time between one thing and the next to regroup and make a new plan for moving forward. I’m enjoying my writing time, but it feels like I’m spending way too much time fighting to have it.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I don’t know what to expect. I have some responsibilities that will make writing next to impossible. I just want to write, but I don’t know if I will have what I need to get there and make it happen.