Writing Progress April 10–16, 2023

April 10

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 31,760
  • Today’s word count: 48
  • Thoughts: I was really busy today. It was a good kind of busy, but it didn’t leave me with a ton of time to write. There were some things I didn’t have to do that I did anyway that definitely took away potential writing time, but I don’t think that time would have been very productive if I had tried to write because I wasn’t in a great headspace.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I hope I’ll have a good chunk of time to get some writing done. I really don’t know what to expect from tomorrow.

April 11

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 31,832
  • Today’s word count: 110
  • Thoughts: I struggled to get started today. I was very distracted for most of the day. Some of it was unavoidable, but some of it was distraction of my own making. I guess that’s just the way it goes sometimes. At least I can say that once I sat down and go into the zone, I was able to get a decent little chunk of words out.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Hopefully I can keep this writing flow going. I’m always worried that sleeping is going to reset everything. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) I’m not worried enough to stay awake when I really need to sleep. Staying up longer might be good for productivity every once in a while, but I know from experience it can mess me up for days afterward. In a more perfect world, I’d be able to sacrifice an hour of sleep every couple days in return for a couple hundred extra words.

April 12

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 31,938
  • Today’s word count: 106
  • Thoughts: Today wasn’t too bad of a day. I knew I wasn’t going to have time to really dig into writing until the evening. For once I accepted that and prepared for it. I still regret not finding a way to start sooner because I really, really felt myself hit an energy wall tonight. I took a while to get going, as usual. Then I wrote for a little while and just reached a point where my eyes wouldn’t stay open. I had to drag myself away from they keyboard to get ready for bed.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Maybe I’ll get started sooner. Maybe I won’t get sleepy so suddenly. Hopefully I’ll write even more.

April 13

No writing progress

Well, today didn’t go at all how I expected. The day started out fine. Then someone decided to start burning stuff from their yard and something in there triggered my allergies. It was bad. I took medicine so it wouldn’t get worse and ended up really sleepy for the rest of the day.

April 14

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 31,940
  • Today’s word count: 2
  • Thoughts: I was so tired and scattered today. I did get a decent amount of non-writing stuff accomplished. Then I collapsed into a heap and didn’t get much of anything done for the rest of the day.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Hopefully this writing slump won’t last much longer. I want to write. I just haven’t had energy to do it. Maybe if I sleep enough I’ll have the energy I need to get back to writing tomorrow.

April 15

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 31,975
  • Today’s word count: 35
  • Thoughts: Today wasn’t as bad as the past few days, but I’m still having trouble getting fully back into writing. I kept myself busy, but I think I might have taken it a bit too far and ran out of steam.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: Do less. Write more. I don’t know how feasible that will be, but I’m going to work toward that goal.

April 16

  • Project: The Dreams
  • Total word count: 32,100
  • Today’s word count: 125
  • Thoughts: I’m so glad I was able to write this evening. I was worried for a while because I wasn’t writing in the afternoon. I shouldn’t have worried. I rarely write productively in the afternoon. There are too many distractions. Once the distractions died down, I was able to get to work and actually wrote a decent chunk of words.
  • Tomorrow’s goal: I’m hoping I can get more writing done. It’s not going to be the same sort of day tomorrow, but I’m still reasonably optimistic at getting a bunch of words down.