What I Read in October

This post is a bit late because NaNoWriMo started and the US is absolute chaos right now and I just couldn’t find the motivation to get this out at the start of the month. Hopefully it isn’t too late when I finally post this.

October wasn’t an ordinary month for me reading-wise. I felt like I hadn’t read much when I checked on Goodreads. Then I remembered fanfiction. I read a long fanfiction this month. I wondered how long so I checked. The fanfic was just shy of 1,100,000 words and I read it all in October. Now I understand why I didn’t find the time to read more original fiction.

Books I finished reading in October:


Books I’m currently reading:


I don’t know why I will have the opportunity to finish reading The Priory of the Orange Tree. The wait list at my library is quite long and there’s only one copy of the ebook available. I read more than half the book so far but then my borrow period was up and I’m at the back of the line again. I am determined to finish it, but it will require patience.

What books did you read in October? Have you ever expending most of your reading time/energy on a very long fanfic?

What I Read in September

September flew by so fast. I’d say it was a very average month for reading. I wasn’t racing through books, but I wasn’t avoiding reading either.

Books I finished reading in September:

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Books I’m currently reading:

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What books did you read in September? Are there any books you’re looking forward to reading in October?

I know I need to pick at least one spooky book to read for Halloween this month.

What I Read in July

July is always a month of chaos for me. It’s hot. I want to spend time outside doing summer activities and there’s Camp NaNoWriMo to worry about. Sometimes reading books falls by the wayside. I feel like that happened a little bit this month.

I read some books, but I feel like I lost the momentum I built up while reading in June. I wonder how long it will take to get my reading mojo back.

Books I finished reading in July:

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Books I’m currently reading:

index priory scarlet

What books did you read in July?

Does summer weather motivate you read more or less than other times of the year?

What I Read in June

I didn’t feel like I read a lot in June, but looking back I guess I did read a decent amount. That’s a nice feeling. I was enjoying reading so much it felt like I needed to keep reading more.

There’s a lot going wrong in the world these days, but books are still a great escape.

Books I finished reading in June:

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Books I’m currently reading:

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What books did you read in June? I hope you’re able to escape into books for at least a little while. We could all use a break these days.

What I Read in May

May was a good month for reading! Escaping into books worked really well and I was happy to have an escape.

Books I finished reading in May:

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Books I’m currently reading:

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What books did you read in May?

Do you use books as an escape from reality when things are a little too bleak? I’ve been craving that escape a lot lately. I’m so glad my local library has a pretty decent selection of ebooks and audiobooks I can check out from home. I’d probably be climbing the walls at this point without them.

What I Read in April

April has been a month all about writing for years now thanks to Camp NaNoWriMo, but I often find I read more when I write more. This April was a pretty decent month for writing and reading.

Books I finished reading in April:

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Books I’m currently reading:

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Do you find that you read more when you write more? There’s just something magical about getting lost in words in more than one way. I wish I knew which came first. At the moment it seems like reading more might be a neat trick to get myself in the right mindset to write more.

What books did you read in April? Are there any books you are looking forward to reading in May?

What I Read in March

If February flew by, March was the month that wouldn’t end. The world was in chaos. I was distracted, scared and upset in varying levels every day. Reading was a good way to escape, but I found it difficult to focus unless I was already at least mostly calm.

Books I finished reading in March:

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Books I’m currently reading:

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What books did you read in March? Are you struggling to read because of worry and stress or has it served as a way to escape?

What I Read in February

I can’t believe February is over. We even had leap day this year and it still seemed like the month flew by. I feel like I read a lot this month, but I spread it out over multiple books so I didn’t finish much of anything.

Books I finished reading in February:


Books I’m currently reading:

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What books did you read in February? Have you ever spent a month reading some of many books instead of finishing one book at a time?

What I Read in January

A new year has started!

I feel like a lot of my reading habits from 2019 have carried over to 2020. Some of that is good. I’m taking advantage of my local libraries digital offerings. Some of it isn’t so good. I’m not doing much to build up good reading habits. Fortunately, there’s plenty of time to change that!

Books I finished reading in January:


Books I’m currently reading:


What books did you read in January?

Do you have any books you think I should read? I like to have at least two books in rotation at a time so I have an opening right now!