What I Read in November

I never know what to expect when it comes to reading in November. Trying to write 50,000 words in a month can really interfere with reading time, but sometimes making a book come out of my brain really makes me want to shove more books in there.

Books I finished reading in November:

  • Lore Olympus: Volume One – Rachel Smythe
  • Dark Lord of Derkholm – Diana Wynne Jones

Books I’m currently reading:

  • House of Many Ways – Diana Wynne Jones
  • Gideon the Ninth – Tamsyn Muir
  • Year of the Griffin – Diana Wynne Jones

What books did you read in November? Did you end up taking a break from reading to focus on writing during NaNoWriMo?

What I Read in July

July was a weird month for reading. I kept bouncing from one book to the next without actually finishing any of them for most of the month. Then in the final week of July I reached the end of multiple books. It was a bit strange to close out the month with so many conclusions. I’m not sure that’s happened to me before.

Books I finished reading in July:

  • The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue – V. E. Schwab
  • Rogue Protocol – Martha Wells
  • Persuasion – Jane Austen

Books I’m currently reading:

  • House of Many Ways – Diana Wynne Jones
  • Six of Crows – Leigh Bardugo
  • The Poppy War – R. F. Kuang
  • Exit Strategy – Martha Wells

What did you read in July? Have you ever jumped around between different books only to finish several of them within a few days on each other? I’m still not sure how I feel about it even now.