Thinking About CampNaNoWriMo

Maybe it was the spring-like weather we had here yesterday, or maybe it’s just that time again, but I’m thinking about CampNaNoWriMo.

It seems too soon, but April is only a month and a half away. If I don’t come up with a plan soon, I’ll run out of time.

This year I have a bit of a dilemma. Usually I have one or two projects that need my attention during Camp months. I try to pick one and focus on it. Currently I have three.

I’m so close to finishing Inbetween. April might be the perfect month to wrap up the first draft. At this point I’m almost positive I’ll have enough story left to carry me through a reasonable Camp goal.

The Dreams still needs its 3rd draft completed. About half the 3rd draft (100k) is written at this point. I want to get it done this year. It’s another contender for my April CampNaNoWriMo project.

I’m also getting impatient to start my next project. I don’t want to start writing the first draft until I finish Inbetween, but CampNaNoWriMo is flexible enough to allow me to work on planning and outlining instead. The next story has no title at the moment, but it’s going to feature dragons and witches and the story will be guided by tarot readings. It’s going to be so much fun!

Based on the size of the paragraphs above, I think you can see which project I’m currently most excited about. New things are always exciting. It might be more responsible to work toward finishing one of my works in progress.

Is it better to be responsible and work toward completing projects that I’ve been passionate about for years? Or should I work on something shiny and new to hopefully get a word count boost for Camp from the natural high of a new project?

Fortunately, I have some time to consider my options. Camp doesn’t start until April 1, after all. Have you started thinking about April CampNaNoWriMo?

No Matter What, Don’t Stop Creating

Sometimes the world is a terrible and terrifying place. If you’re like me, it’s easy to get caught up in the news, trying to make sense of the chaos. Hours or even days can pass by while I hang on to the hope that somehow the world will be made right again.

It’s easy to wonder if writing fantasy novels is a worthwhile way to spend my time these days. My doubts come from feeling like writing fiction is a luxury for times when the world isn’t in upheaval, but that time doesn’t really exist. The world is full of people doing ugly, cruel things to each other. That fact isn’t a recent development, and yet, human beings have been creating art as a form of self-expression pretty much from the beginning.

I’m often mentally and emotionally exhausted these days. The stress of living with constant uncertainty wears me down. I know I need to step away from it all and only come back when I have recovered my strength, but so much has happened lately that stepping away is at least as frightening as trying to keep up to date. Often, the only way I can feel better once it all starts to feel like too much to handle is to step back and read a book for a while.

My goal as a writer is to give people a place to escape. With so much happening it is easy to become overwhelmed by it all. Reading fiction is a chance to briefly step into another world, catch your breath and find equilibrium again. We all need these little escapes. No matter the medium, art offers us all a chance to rest and heal before we jump back into the fray.

The world needs creativity and beauty. Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t important. Don’t let anyone silence you. We’re constantly being reminded of ugliest, darkest side of humanity these days. Let’s keep making art so none of us forget that there is hope, too.

My Current Musical Inspiration

This week is a J-pop sort of week. It’s keeping me from getting too down in the dumps over the more depressing scenes I’ve been writing for The Dreams.

What are you listening to while writing these days? Do you have certain genres or songs you use to set the mood or are you like me this week and trying to keep your spirits up while writing? Share in the comments!

My Musical Inspiration Today

This song is just perfect for my writing mood these days. The sound of the music is upbeat enough to make me want to write, and the lyrics are dark. Overall it just reminds me of my story in best/worst way possible. It makes me think of Takeshi and all the awful things he does and says.

What’s your musical inspiration today? Share a link in the comments!