What I Read in August

August was all about starting things and not finishing them. I’m juggling more books now than I was at the start of the month and I haven’t finished any of them. Yet.

Part of the problem stems from my library. I have audio books checked out and other people have holds so I can’t renew. I have to wait for my turn to come around again before I can continue. What do I do while I’m waiting? I borrow another book!

Books I’m currently reading:

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What books did you read in August? Do you ever have months of just starting books without finishing anything? What do you do to break that cycle and start finishing books again?


What I Read in July

July was a strange month. I was supposed to be focusing on CampNaNoWriMo. I didn’t give my Camp project as much attention I would have liked. However, because of CampNaNoWriMo I assumed I wouldn’t be reading a lot of books. Somehow that prediction still came true.

Maybe I’m in a reading slump. Maybe the summer weather just shifts my attention to activities other than writing. Maybe I just need a trip to the beach with a good book to change my attitude.

Books I finished reading in July:


Books I’m currently reading:

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What books did you read in July? Have you been distracted by CampNaNoWriMo or other summer activities?

What I Read in June

I feel like I didn’t read a lot in June, but if I’m being realistic, I just wasn’t reading books. Most of my reading this month was online. I’ve been reading articles, blogs and forum threads about writing and topics relevant to my projects.

It’s been fun and I’m learning a lot. I just want to read more novels. They make me happy.

Books I finished reading in June:


Books I’m currently reading:


Do you ever take some time away from reading books without taking a break from reading? What sort of things do you read during that time?

What I Read in April

April wasn’t the greatest month for reading. I started out the month sick. Then I struggled with burnout and just generally felt like I needed to get away from writing for a while. Unfortunately, books are closely tied to writing in my mind.

Later in the month I started to regain my drive to consume books. I don’t know how fast I’ll be reading, but I’m enjoying myself again.

Books I finished reading in April:


Books I’m currently reading:

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Do you ever feel the need to step away from reading? What brings you back?

What I Read in March

My library card is still my new favorite thing. I love being able to borrow ebooks and audiobooks without leaving home. It’s great being able to find and borrow a new book as soon as I finish one, even if I reach the end in the middle of the night.

Do you have a library card? Do you use it to borrow ebooks and digital audiobooks?

Books I finished reading in March:

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Books I’m currently reading:

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What books did you read in March? Are you ahead or behind on your 2019 reading goal?

What I Read in December

December was a surprisingly book-filled month for me. A big factor in that was finally getting an updated library card which gave me access to their digital library, which includes a huge selection of audiobooks waiting for me online. I was able to read a lot of books while working on other things this month!

I didn’t reach my goal for the 2018 Goodreads challenge, but I made a pretty strong comeback this month!

Books I finished reading in December


Books I’m currently reading:


Did you read a lot of books in December? Did you meet your reading goals for 2018? What are your reading goals for 2019?